About Us

WINK is the first of its kind, premium-luxury salon boutique to have emerged in Chennai; the heart, soul and brains behind which is Samantha. With years of exposure in the media industry, and working alongside top-notch beauty artists and hairstylists, it was only natural that she burst in flames aesthetically to build her signature, fine-tuned empire.

Our purpose is to invent and re-invent time and again, and in doing so push boundaries of the world of beauty, one style statement at a time. We represent a new era — one that is quirky, playful, and not afraid to shed conventions or cross comfort zones.

We offer exclusive, high-end services ranging from advanced skin solutions to personalized hair designing and everything in between. We also provide our clients with an in-house Photography Studio, a Bridal/VIP suite, a Training Room and of course, a Meditation Room.

WINK is an experience in itself. Are you ready to treat yourself?